Honda Innovations’ efforts are currently focused on Connected Vehicle/IoT, Human Machine Interface, Machine Intelligence/Robotics, Personal Mobility, Sharing Economy, and Industrial Innovation.


Honda Innovations constantly evolves our focus areas based on emerging trends and business needs

Connected Vehicle

The mobile technology evolution has brought anytime, anywhere access to information. Yet, the car cabin remains the exception. Honda Innovations is creating a cloud-based infotainment platform to provide drivers inside Honda or Acura vehicles with seamless access to information.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

How can we make interaction with Honda and Acura cars much safer, easier and more fun? Honda Innovations is building prototypes of novel HMI ideas with external tech innovations such as sensors, displays, speech interfaces as well as tactile communications.

Big Data

Cars generate ‘Big Data’ which are only used for limited purposes today. How can we make our customers’ life more fun and efficient with these data while protecting their privacy and safety? Honda Innovations is building prototypes that leverage Big Data to deliver a new suite of services and provide a superior customer experience.


Users are not only consumers of digital content but are also creators. This content is often made available in the cloud in the form of apps. Honda Innovations is working proactively to build a community of app developers and content creators to make the vehicle user experience more enjoyable and convenient. See Honda Developer Studio for more details.